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do you just ever get so mad that you mentally insult every single thing that people do around you


"hey i finished this question" good for you little fucking brat like wow didnt anyone teach you not to boast

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my dad accidentally called me dad once

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eunbi was trash so maybe it was meant to me :D



Are you even being fucking serious right now. Are you even sure of what’s happened because a person just fucking died. Eun bi was only 22 years old, she barely even lived her life yet. She only just entered adulthood and this happened. I wasn’t even much of a fan of ladies code, I barely knew any of the members but nobody deserves to go through something like that and I would show my support for anyone going through it, even if I didn’t know them.

But imagine this was you or you were someone else inside the car, say you were sojung and your best friend, (that’s if you even have any friends in real life,) just passed away on your birthday, having to live with yourself for the rest of your life knowing your best friend passed away on your fucking birthday.

And to be honest anon, haters like you don’t even matter because you know what, eun bi never even knew you existed. She doesnt know you exist at all but you apparently know her well enough in real life to talk about her like this. All her fans in this world could trample you in an instant. Calling her trash?!? Its just another petty word for you haters. But i guess this this doesn’t mean much because you just have nothing good enough to do in this sad, sad life of yours. Grow up and stop bashing people you dont even know.

Oh and 1 more thing: *be

Rest in Peace Go Eun Bi. My thought and prayers go to Sojung and RiSe who are both in critical condition.

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just saw a post accusing Obama of working for the government

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the pumpkin king / sally

Okay, but holy shit, THIS IS UNREAL.

This is amazing, and that Pumpkin King makeup is a thing of unsettling beauty.

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Good pick up line: Nice shirt, I love that band.
Better pick up line: Nice shirt, I'm in that band.
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SBS [LotJ] - James, looking on even I am refreshed… Especially my eyes


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